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AgoraCart Free User Forums

This is the official FAQ and Cool Tips guide For the AgoraCart shopping Cart software

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Author Message
PostForum: Shipping Settings Manager   Posted: Fri Feb 11, 05 7:49 pm   Subject: SBW not working!


The disabling featue is a little misleading as how it relates to the actual order forms. Disabling it merely does so in the shipping processes. To remove it from your order form, you will ...
PostForum: Misc - Installing AgoraCart   Posted: Tue Nov 16, 04 12:32 pm   Subject: Help!


one way to check for such information is to navigate via FTP or a control panel's file manager to your store's protected directory. Inside you will find a directory called misc. Inside tha ...
PostForum: Store Layout Manager   Posted: Tue Nov 16, 04 11:24 am   Subject: need line of code in index.html


I believe you are refering to the header token:


Hope that helps,

PostForum: Misc - Installing AgoraCart   Posted: Mon May 10, 04 8:26 pm   Subject: Constantly Logging/Booting Out??


you might have other server issues, a firewall, or NIS keeping your privacy, but preventing you from using anything substantial on the internet. Look into such programs and make sure they a ...
PostForum: Misc - Installing AgoraCart   Posted: Wed May 05, 04 10:27 pm   Subject: If FTP Failes....Try AdminPro!


You may also see more information on using this tool inthe installation guide at (help and online manual areas)

PostForum: Cart Display Manager   Posted: Thu Mar 18, 04 12:49 am   Subject: Help!!! Can't see store header in Netscape


I want to come on a sailing trip!

However, Netscape is actually a better engine. IE is letting you do coding of HTML that maybe you should not do. Check tables syntax as Dan has indicat ...
PostForum: Product Page Layouts (.inc files)   Posted: Thu Mar 18, 04 12:34 am   Subject: How do I remove the option of "DO NOT DELETE this file,


Look within the options that are called for the products involved on such a page. You have an error in creating an option file. Most likely.

PostForum: General Store Manager FAQ   Posted: Tue Feb 03, 04 12:39 am   Subject: Clear Access Log?

you can delete the access file totally and upon the next unique visitor, it will be recreated by AgoraCart.

PostForum: Product Page Layouts (.inc files)   Posted: Sat Jan 24, 04 10:56 am   Subject: Small picture on product pages?

No problem.

MileHigh, no worries either. Didn't intend to sound abrasive. Guess it could have been taken that way. Mister Ed speaks highly of you and I definately think the same. You dedication ...
PostForum: Product Page Layouts (.inc files)   Posted: Fri Jan 23, 04 8:41 pm   Subject: Small picture on product pages?

the correct default token to use in the product page layouts to display the smaller image listed int user 1 of each item within your database would be:


you can read up on the P ...
PostForum: General Store Manager FAQ   Posted: Fri Jan 16, 04 4:12 pm   Subject: Pass first but not second login screen, domain name prob?

4.0 does not have a "misc" directory under protected. This was implemented starting with the 4.0K versions. The manager.cgi file covers the username and password settings.

However, you will find ...
PostForum: General Chat, Kudos, misc   Posted: Fri Jan 16, 04 3:58 pm   Subject: New Forum Messages

I also use a mozilla based browser and it works fine for me. Make sure you logout after each session. That may help in your case
PostForum: General Store Manager FAQ   Posted: Sat Dec 27, 03 5:20 pm   Subject: Coupon Hack @

try looking for it in the agora order lib and see if that works.

I believe it's in the display calculations sub routine of that file

PostForum: Product Page Layouts (.inc files)   Posted: Tue Dec 16, 03 1:33 pm   Subject: Yikes, what'd I do to the page layout?

Hi Dan,

all those items are editable in the managers. However, a few process were left out and it proves troublesome in some respects. ME reports that the next version will take care of many of t ...
PostForum: Cartlink Pages (pages in html directory)   Posted: Tue Dec 16, 03 3:19 am   Subject: Problems if agora installed between html frames


I won't work on them regardless of who's around.

but in response to those wishing to use frames:

Resist the desire to use them. Maintianing state is difficult at best. In addition, ...
PostForum: Taxes Manager   Posted: Tue Dec 16, 03 3:10 am   Subject: Tax Logic??

I've also noticed that Mister Ed attempts to compile custom logic more often inthe pro forums. So, if you are a Pro member, post your situation in the pro areas for additional help.

PostForum: Product Page Layouts (.inc files)   Posted: Tue Dec 16, 03 3:08 am   Subject: Yikes, what'd I do to the page layout?

any .pl file in the admin_files directory of your store is written to by a store manager. They can be edited and set using your online management functions.

Mister Ed has indicated that more sweep ...
PostForum: General Chat, Kudos, misc   Posted: Wed Dec 10, 03 11:06 pm   Subject: Advice for AgoraCart newbies


i reposted the image information since I could not find it:

PostForum: Misc - Installing AgoraCart   Posted: Mon Dec 08, 03 11:13 pm   Subject: Easy Instal of Agoracart on a Cpanel Host - Revised 11/2003

good tip.

I'll make it a sticky. Ralph, you should ask ME about becoming a Moderator since you help out a lot with the project.

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