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This is the official FAQ and Cool Tips guide For the AgoraCart shopping Cart software

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Author Message
PostForum: Announcements   Posted: Tue Jun 26, 12 8:25 pm   Subject: Help us help more people with AgoraCart


we need your help. A lot of work goes into the AgoraCart project and we have hit a point we need some additional help. So if you can contribute, spread the word on your preferred social medi ...
PostForum: Shipping Settings Manager   Posted: Tue Jun 26, 12 8:17 pm   Subject: Shippng and card displaying $30 please


check your cart display settings. it seems to be multiplied. It could also be a shipping or tax rate problem, but not sure looking in fromthe outside, but it is definitely something you add ...
PostForum: BuySafe   Posted: Tue Jun 26, 12 8:11 pm   Subject: what exactly is BuySafe

It is a bonding insurance service that gives your shoppers additioanl "security" that you will fulfill their order or they get their money back if you turn out to non-legit for some reason. ...
PostForum: Product Add Manager   Posted: Tue Jun 26, 12 8:08 pm   Subject: New Product / Multiple Categories

sorry about the server errors, it's in need of an upgrade.

there is no database related way to span multiple "root" or main categories per se. Besides creating a category called "New ...
PostForum: Shipping Settings Manager   Posted: Sat Jan 22, 11 1:08 pm   Subject: Canadian Shipping...

side note:

Canada Post can be developed, but it needs to be sponsored.. there is great expense in developing and maintaining these types of modules.

Royal Mail, I'm not sure. The last time I che ...
PostForum: Announcements   Posted: Sat Jan 22, 11 1:01 pm   Subject: Gold Version Beta 1 released

We released version 5.7 beta for Gold version members.

You must have a Gold version membership to get the files at this time (Gold version supports the project financially)

There are many new fe ...
PostForum: General Chat, Kudos, misc   Posted: Sat Jan 22, 11 12:26 pm   Subject: Echo...

things have slowed down a bit with the downturn in most economies, especially in the US.

I've been busy working on the new version. In fact the beta for stage 1 of the next major release was just m ...
PostForum: Announcements   Posted: Sat Jan 03, 09 7:53 pm   Subject: We Need your Help! Donations Needed!

Howdy all,

times are tough for some folks. It is for us as well. We rely mostly on donations and Gold memberships to support the project. However, we've hit a temporary shortage, we need to rais ...
PostForum: USAepay   Posted: Tue Nov 04, 08 4:55 pm   Subject: Verify Page not displaying customer inputted info chart.

the updater for AgoraCart modules should list an update for this gateway which I thnk may solve this for you
PostForum: Product Edit Manager   Posted: Tue Oct 21, 08 11:30 pm   Subject: Help with Alternate Shipping section in product desc.

sorry for the delay. has this been resolved or is it considered a bug? I can fix if it's still a problem.
PostForum: Misc - Store Management   Posted: Tue Oct 21, 08 10:51 pm   Subject: Display Items that can't be added to the cart

if it's not confined to a specific category or two, there might be something to try that we have not officially explored:

you can alter a page layout ( and/or any category specific v ...
PostForum: Main AgoraCart Page   Posted: Sat Aug 09, 08 2:02 am   Subject: How to give main content box a static (set) width?

bigdawg... yer a good feller ... I mean dawg. You didn't bite back when Bonnie got short with ya (at least not that I'm aware of). You passed the test in my book ... lol.

Keep in mind that the C ...
PostForum: General Store Manager FAQ   Posted: Sat Jul 12, 08 3:56 pm   Subject: Send Invoice Only - Customer Does Not Pay With Shopping Cart

jsut a note, if you installed the cart via cpanel, the upgrade may happen without your involvement. the system admin may get tired of all the notices that the cart is very old and force the upgrade. S ...
PostForum: Main AgoraCart Page   Posted: Sat Jul 12, 08 3:47 pm   Subject: store front - See what's inside the store display

if you don't have very many products, it's better to s c r a p that randomizer (erase those portions that look up the entire database) and just plug in the image and P_ID values manually in the displa ...
PostForum: Shipping Settings Manager   Posted: Sat Jul 12, 08 3:28 pm   Subject: Fed X Shipping

we found a security problem in their API and then never followed up to see if it was fixed or not, mainly because the lead programmer position for the FedEx side of our project was closed due to budge ...
PostForum: Misc - Store Management   Posted: Wed Apr 23, 08 6:44 pm   Subject: Clearly I am being hacked

all that this error means is that it tried to open a non-existent file in the html sub-dir of the store. This protection is in effect for version 4.0f and above. So you do not need to upgrade for thi ...
PostForum: Store Layout Manager   Posted: Mon Mar 03, 08 2:35 pm   Subject: Product Page Picture(s)

what you could do is build a page for each product youneed to do this with, put it in the html/pages sub dir. then put a link in each product's description to a URL of say:

agora.cgi?cart_id=%%cart ...
PostForum: Product Edit Manager   Posted: Mon Feb 11, 08 8:46 pm   Subject: Page lag on submitting product add and edits

the product edit file needed some more tweaking. ready in version 5.2.001 of the file.

I was in the edits/adds/detlets. Pro version was fixed all the way, but 5.2.x was only half way due to cut an ...
PostForum: Store Layout Manager   Posted: Mon Feb 11, 08 7:32 pm   Subject: changing background colour/image

due to the dynamic width of the design, putting the image in the body will be of no benefit.

take it out of the body CSS tag and place it in ac_content tag instead. Might help, but not guaranteed. ...
PostForum: General Chat, Kudos, misc   Posted: Mon Feb 11, 08 7:23 pm   Subject: New Here and soon to be new Agora People

welcome Smile
PostForum: Product Edit Manager   Posted: Mon Feb 11, 08 7:02 pm   Subject: No Spaces allowed in Subcategory names?

btw, fixed in 5.2.002

PostForum: Product Edit Manager   Posted: Mon Feb 11, 08 6:54 pm   Subject: No Spaces allowed in Subcategory names?

the links came up missing
PostForum: General Store Manager FAQ   Posted: Mon Feb 11, 08 6:50 pm   Subject: Help : Login Problem

download, install, then run the FTP55.cgi file and see what it says (jsut don't do the actual install).

it will give you a clue as to the user ID and a few other things that will help to see if y ...
PostForum: Misc - Store Management   Posted: Mon Jan 28, 08 4:28 pm   Subject: SEO - Search Engine Optimization

version 5.2.000 and higher negates some of the needs here. Such as mod-rewrite as we've taken out much of the dynamic stuff that caused teh problems, plus we now recognize bots and don't give them the ...
PostForum: Product Add Manager   Posted: Mon Jan 28, 08 4:22 pm   Subject: 550 Could not change perms on manager.cgi

000 means you don't own the file ... usually from either an admin disabling the script or the file being uploaded/copied in an unfavorable fashion/method.

I get this on some servers even in FTP, wh ...
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