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This is the official FAQ and Cool Tips guide For the AgoraCart shopping Cart software

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Author Message
PostForum: Store Layout Manager   Posted: Tue Sep 25, 07 7:00 pm   Subject: Search in store

I don't have a search in my store and I'm sure it's something I did but how can I put one in the store?
PostForum: Misc Product / Database   Posted: Tue Sep 25, 07 6:53 pm   Subject: Image enlargement

One more thing is there a way to show the images big and small. For instance if I click an image in the store it appears bigger or if I roll over it it becomes bigger?
PostForum: Misc Product / Database   Posted: Tue Sep 25, 07 5:51 pm   Subject: Images

I know this seems crazy but I'm not lying to you.

Ok...When you click on Mobile Phones...on the first page - - ...the first item you ...
PostForum: Misc Product / Database   Posted: Tue Sep 25, 07 7:43 am   Subject: Images

I'm inputting images in the database and for some odd reason the images aren't updating. I know there is a default image but I have changed the images on the first page of the mobile phones category a ...
PostForum: Misc - Store Management   Posted: Mon Jan 16, 06 6:21 pm   Subject: URL


I bought a membership and I lost my domain name due to my inability to pay. Can I get the membership transferred to the new domain name or do I have to pay for a new membership.

ni ...
PostForum: Cartlink Pages (pages in html directory)   Posted: Thu Jul 07, 05 6:30 am   Subject: re

Yeah I'm doing it just like I did all the rest of my files and they took effect. It's the weirdest thing. I even deleted it to make sure and it doesn't change. I went my host file manager for my site ...
PostForum: Cartlink Pages (pages in html directory)   Posted: Wed Jul 06, 05 5:09 pm   Subject: uploading

Okay I'm back. I tried to upload the Offline-oderform.html and I still couldn't get the desired changes to take place. I recently tried using SmartFTP but nothing happen. I've used Dreamweaver and F ...
PostForum: Cartlink Pages (pages in html directory)   Posted: Tue Jun 28, 05 11:31 am   Subject: FTP client

I'm using Dreamweaver I also tried to use FTP Surfer. I just uploaded again but this time in ascii and it even prompted me with a message that says do you wan to replace the existing file and I said ...
PostForum: Cartlink Pages (pages in html directory)   Posted: Tue Jun 28, 05 7:30 am   Subject: Re

Well I tried that and that didn't work either. Do you have any other suggestions. Is it something I have to change in the agora manager. These changes just won't take place. This is so wierd.
PostForum: Cartlink Pages (pages in html directory)   Posted: Sat Jun 25, 05 2:42 pm   Subject: Re

Well I did that and uploaded and it doesn't work. But I also did it in dreamweaver. I even tried deleting the Offline-orderform.html file from the remote server and uploading the edited version from ...
PostForum: Cartlink Pages (pages in html directory)   Posted: Fri Jun 24, 05 2:48 pm   Subject: Checkout page

I'm not sure what forum this goes under, but I want to change my checkout page-the one where the user inputs information. I got it to look how I want it except I want to change the background color o ...
PostForum: Main AgoraCart Page   Posted: Fri Jun 24, 05 8:45 am   Subject: Re 2

What it's doing is, it goes to agora.cgi but it doesn't show the cart. Before when I use to click the add to cart button it use to show the contents of the cart, now it just shows the same page. I d ...
PostForum: Main AgoraCart Page   Posted: Fri Jun 24, 05 7:18 am   Subject: Re

Thanks, okay I got the images back up and I finished setting up the the agora manager, but the cart is still acting the same way-I have to reload it to see it. Any suggestions?

PostForum: Main AgoraCart Page   Posted: Thu Jun 23, 05 8:07 pm   Subject: Problems


On yesterday I tried and uploaded the Paypal IPN and my cart stopped working on me. I could no longer view the cart or anything. So I was thinking because I was in Dreamweaver I had this probl ...
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