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This is the official FAQ and Cool Tips guide For the AgoraCart shopping Cart software

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Author Message
PostForum: Misc - Store Management   Posted: Tue Jan 20, 09 9:08 pm   Subject: inventory control

many thanks For the reply I think this system will work I any still trying to work it all out but it looks like Agora will do it for us it will just take some time as I am a Luddite. Is there an Agora ...
PostForum: Misc - Store Management   Posted: Tue Jan 20, 09 2:25 pm   Subject: inventory control

I was thinking that we start with say 500 items in each product line. As each sale is filled a total of the sale is deducted from the inventory. Each week or month a report is generated which I can u ...
PostForum: Misc - Store Management   Posted: Tue Jan 20, 09 3:41 am   Subject: inventory control

Sorry I am new and I think this is the place for this if it's not please forgive me.

I have a small product that is easy to post out but I was looking for an automated inventory system that can be ...
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