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This is the official FAQ and Cool Tips guide For the AgoraCart shopping Cart software

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Author Message
PostForum: Product Page Layouts (.inc files)   Posted: Sun Mar 09, 08 3:30 pm   Subject: Making the "Next 12 Matches" Bold

For example, if the page says "Found 33 items, showing 1 to 12." at the bottom. How can I make the "Next 12 Matches" more noticeable (i.e bold or larger)?


AgoraCart ...
PostForum: LinkPoint Connect/YourPay Connect   Posted: Fri Dec 21, 07 6:22 pm   Subject: What does it mean when it says STATUS: DUPLICATE??

First, I use AgoraCart Store Manager ver 5.0.000 and the Gateway is LinkpointConnect.

Lately, I've had several orders come through with only one email with the subject "AgoraCart - LinkpointCo ...
PostForum: Misc - Store Management   Posted: Sat Aug 18, 07 7:36 pm   Subject: Text between the Header and Footers??

I have asked this question before, but it is hard to explain unless you see it. My homepage is and you will notice several articles at the bottom. This wa ...
PostForum: Store Layout Manager   Posted: Fri Aug 10, 07 7:54 pm   Subject: Most likely wrong field selected

Ah, I had 'user_2' selected, not 'db_user2' selected. An order will come through any minute and I'll let you know. Thanks!!!
PostForum: Store Layout Manager   Posted: Fri Aug 10, 07 2:33 pm   Subject: User fields still not showing

I forgot to mention that I changed it also in the Cart Display section. It is listed in the part that says "Define the extra fields printed in the "text" version of the cart (order log ...
PostForum: Store Layout Manager   Posted: Thu Aug 09, 07 3:44 pm   Subject: Using User Fields (User2)

I changed the name of user field #2 to Part Number. It shows up that way in the "edit products" and is included in the new order emails. However, it is always empty in the emails even thou ...
PostForum: Shipping Settings Manager   Posted: Fri Jul 27, 07 11:15 am   Subject: The one place I didn't look.

My hat's off to you again. Thanks!!! I still one outstanding post that will finish my tweaking this time around.

"How can I put news and related information below the product listing in each ...
PostForum: Shipping Settings Manager   Posted: Fri Jul 27, 07 10:43 am   Subject: Where is the file for the note I need.

I've looked high and low...where is the file for the page right before the Verification screen. I know that LinkpointConnect-orderform.html is the page that takes the shipping info. But where is the ...
PostForum: Shipping Settings Manager   Posted: Fri Jul 27, 07 10:30 am   Subject: Shipping calculations

It doesn't show any shipping until after the address is put in and then it calculates it correctly on the next screen. I think this will work perfectly. I just need to put a note on the first screen ...
PostForum: General Store Manager FAQ   Posted: Thu Jul 26, 07 7:14 pm   Subject: I think Linkpoint changed to fix this.

Each of the cart and email problems slowly corrected themselves. I am certain Linkpoint got slammed with web developers after they made there change. But, they fixed whatever they broke and it is no ...
PostForum: Shipping Settings Manager   Posted: Thu Jul 26, 07 7:11 pm   Subject: We're almost there but now it assumes overseas.

If you choose USA, it correct the shipping rate as you continue. But, it starts out showing the shipping rate with the extra $10 included. If you choose USA and follow through to the next screen, it ...
PostForum: Shipping Settings Manager   Posted: Thu Jul 26, 07 4:48 pm   Subject: No luck

Doesn't seem to be working. It doesn't calculate any shipping at all. If I take out the code you put in, it works. I believe you added:

$country = $form_data{'Ecom_ShipTo_Postal_CountryCode'} ; ...
PostForum: Shipping Settings Manager   Posted: Thu Jul 26, 07 3:24 pm   Subject: Flat rate extra shipping if outside the US?

I currently have the following - just based on dollar amount. I'd love the drop down list (where you put in your address) to have "inside USA" and "outside USA". I just can't fin ...
PostForum: Shipping Settings Manager   Posted: Thu Jul 26, 07 2:24 pm   Subject: Flat rate extra shipping if outside the US?

I want to add an additional charge if the customer chooses any country other than the US. Is it possible to add, for example, $10 to all orders before it hits the gateway? OR - I noticed a dropdown ...
PostForum: Product Page Layouts (.inc files)   Posted: Thu Jul 26, 07 1:34 pm   Subject: How to add text below the products on each category page

Hi..I want to add related articles & news below the products on each of my category pages. I'd like to be able to update it often, so I was wondering if there was an easy way. I currently have a ...
PostForum: General Store Manager FAQ   Posted: Fri Jul 13, 07 5:57 pm   Subject: URGENT problem! - Repost with more info - PLEASE Help!

I wanted to repost this issue because it has become extremely serious and I've noticed four distinct problems that may be related. It has become a nightmare and my customer support is greatly affecte ...
PostForum: General Store Manager FAQ   Posted: Thu Jul 12, 07 3:31 pm   Subject: Multiple Identical entries in the View New Orders

Version is 5.0.000
I use LinkPointConnect
URL is

PostForum: General Store Manager FAQ   Posted: Tue Jul 10, 07 10:23 am   Subject: Multiple Identical entries in the View New Orders

I've noticed that when I view new orders, I normally get between 1-5 copies of a single order showing up in the database. They all have the same order number so it is easy to see which are repeats. ...
PostForum: Product Page Layouts (.inc files)   Posted: Tue Jul 03, 07 3:21 pm   Subject: You've never let me down!! THANK YOU!

Works beautifully!!!
PostForum: Product Page Layouts (.inc files)   Posted: Mon Jul 02, 07 8:48 pm   Subject: How to Align=Top the contents of each product cell??

I've looked everywhere in the CSS configs and can't find this. I need my products to be aligned at the top of each cell in the table. Right now they are centered vertically. So if each product side ...
PostForum: LinkPoint Connect/YourPay Connect   Posted: Sun Jul 01, 07 9:51 am   Subject: Agora Cart not sending order details

I used to get but the gateway confirmation from LinkPoint and the order details from the cart. However, over the last week or so, I am not getting the cart info. It is still being logged in the cart ...
PostForum: Misc - Store Management   Posted: Wed Jun 20, 07 9:07 am   Subject: Store Name and Address in Packing Slips

Where are the settings located for adding the address and company name to the Packing slips, invoices, etc. ! All of my reports still have the placeholders and I need to put the info in. Thanks All! ...
PostForum: LinkPoint Connect/YourPay Connect   Posted: Tue Jun 12, 07 12:29 pm   Subject: How to Change the "Where to Ship" Title

Upon checkout, there is a place to put the billing/shipping info and a comment box. It currently says "Please select where your order will be shipped/billed". I want to indicate this is th ...
PostForum: Product Page Layouts (.inc files)   Posted: Sat Jan 20, 07 1:14 pm   Subject: Re: Different Layout for Product Categories

I'm using version 5.0 (according the Store Manager).
PostForum: Product Page Layouts (.inc files)   Posted: Mon Jan 15, 07 5:16 pm   Subject: Different Layout for Product Categories

My store has the products listed in a two column format. But there is one category that needs a long description. Can I make a single category that lists products one per line, not side by side?

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