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Simple Options Editor and Itransact?
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Post Simple Options Editor and Itransact? 
Hey All,
I'm having an issue sending the Colors and Sizes (designated in Simple Options Editor), to be passed to iTransact. Has anyone heard of this error or know what to do?
Supposedly, the color information (sent a client) is not being displayed in the shipping and order processing info. No error messages or issues were described.
Thanks for the help!

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did the customer get the customer's email from agora.cgi?
was the order log written to in the store manager?
did you get the merchant's email from agora.cgi?

most 3rd party merchant services don't record anything but dollar amounts...
sub total
and confidential information. this is usually all that's sent to the merchant service. upon a successful transaction the merchant service sends back to agora.cgi notification them the cart is deleted, the log written to and email(s) sent. this is (in most cases) where the option info and details of the order are gotten from.

if itransact has a silent post feature then enable it. without "silent post" if the customer clicks out after a successful transaction and does not return to your store then all order info will be lost. well, it can be recovered but you have 12 hours usually to recover from the store files. consider it lost, though unless you're on the net 24/7.
always enable "silent post" if it's available.

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