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This is the official FAQ and Cool Tips guide For the AgoraCart shopping Cart software

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Gold Version Beta 1 released
Author Message
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Post Gold Version Beta 1 released 
We released version 5.7 beta for Gold version members.

You must have a Gold version membership to get the files at this time (Gold version supports the project financially)

There are many new features and enhancements, such as:

- confirmation email templates (html or plain text can be used)
- all html on the client side has been placed into layout/config .pl files
- all cart/customer side messages and text has been placed in language set files (cart can now be translated using a single file... cart side only)
- SEO manager for SEO friendly URLs (booster pack only - also requires mod_rewrite on your server for htaccess controls)
- All common order form fields now logged. Instead of just the few on the default form, can log any added out of the 70+ offered (ie company name, fax number, customer notes, sales rep, and many more)
- improved search result page indicators... instead of just next and previous for additional search results, it has: next, previous, beginning, end and a few pages displayed by numerical order (can be set in cart managers on how many to display on either side of current page).
- new look to managers with tabbing on some to make it easier to see sections you with to change. It should make it easier to use in most cases.
- EU and Canadian Tax support added.
- button set and templates directories moved up to the html sub diretory level ... easier to get to and find.
- auto image resizing (requires additional perl module installed... not sure if it will be available in freebie until we can determine how widely the module is installed on common server setups)
- only one .css file used now. default file copied up from templates/skins to retain default settings.
- backups of all core files on upgrade to new version
- backups of individual add-ons and gateway libs as you upgrade those
- backup of database after import or significant update (such asn IMG padding update) or conversion to the new tokens and/or 10 or 20 user fields
- backup of .css file when you change templates/skins.
- templates for thank you tables/pages
- templates for verify pages at checkout
- ability to install new buttonsets and store templates/skins from via upgrade manager (might expand to a marketplace so others can offer their designs)
- improved upgrade manager, does the entire core instead of file by file. Add-ons and gateways still have file by file controls.
- cart contents can now add/subtract or remove with single icon next to each item.. no more footers for each operation nor the need to go to a special page to add/subtract/remove items from the cart contents.
- ability to detect browser type. we have had this for many years but it's now upgraded so that we can start to offer mobile designs that will display to smartphone users or even cater content to specific browsers if needed. A work in progress but some changes here and buried in the code.
- mutiple manager profiles with ACL (access control lists per user - requires gold version booster pack)
- FedEx real-time shipping is back in operation after a few years of being MIA (requires gold version booster pack)
- updated perl code so it's easier to read (perltidy, & sub calls removed in most cases, single quote methods where applicable, etc)
- removed and streamlined unnecessary routines and functions
- and much much more. (my fingers are getting tired)

Anyways, I hope those that are Gold version members will try out the beta asap. Those that are not able to do so at this time, I am looking forward to offering it you shortly.

Vote Mister Ed for Prez 2012, for a REAL change.

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