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Repeated option descriptions
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Post Repeated option descriptions 
I'm using Plug-n-Pay as part of a multiple-gateway setup. I have it set to provide the entire list of purchased items (instead of a lump sum). (I added some code to calculate discounts from coupons, which is included as an item with negative value, but I don't think this is relevant to my problem.)

When Plug-n-Pay displays my item list, it displays only the last option value for all items. That is to say: if a customer orders multiple items with options, all items are displayed with the last item's option value. Even items that have no options. If an item with no options is the last item, no items will include option descriptions.

I see that the process_PlugnPay_Order and pnp_table_setup functions both set the value of $options, and the value of $options is used in print_PlugnPay_SubmitPage, appended to each item description.

Items with multiple options are even hairier.

It looks to me like the code in pnp_table_setup (I think?) needs to be modified so the options can be associated with individual items. (Perhaps a hash table?) On the other hand, the description code in print_PlugnPay_SubmitPage might need to be modified to read options directly out of the cart. (It reads the cart, after all.) I'd take this on myself, but I have no idea what the cart data looks like.

Anybody know what's going on?

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