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This is the official FAQ and Cool Tips guide For the AgoraCart shopping Cart software

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Customer access page
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Post Customer access page 
Ive looked for 3 hours now and cannot figure out how to get to the customer page to test stuff. It has all that infomation at the bottom when I run agora.cgi about downloading templates and stuff. What does the customer access in order to view and buy stuff? Please help me...

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what is the url to your domain?
generally when you install a store there is a folder the store is contained in. look for your agora.cgi file. wherever that file is then the folder it's in is your "store name". it is usually in the public_html or in the cgi-bin. so the path to your agora.cgi file may look like this...
or this
the store name is very important to know. to access your storefront using the above paths you would type in...

once you locate your store through your browser you will find a link on the default storefront page to your store manager. click the link then bookmark it. the default log in is
if you encounter a pop up requiring a user name and password then it is usually the same as your cpanel log in. try that first.

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Post Here is the url thats the url to the script. It shows the following. "To edit the look of the store, you may download the basic header footer manager at which will edit the store look using this same look. If you wish to edit the look yourself, you must manually edit the,,, and files found in the html/html-templates sub directory of your store, as well as edit the index.html file found in the html sub directory of your store. An options editor to add simple options to your database products is also available at

IMPORTANT - Please Note:

AgoraCart is based on Selena Sol's 'Web Store' program, available at, as well as the Commerce.cgi program from Carey Internet Services. The software has split off from the commerce.cgi source tree (2.0beta1) and begun adding significant enhancements suggested by users as well as many found as "cool hacks" available for the 'Web Store' program. The AgoraCart, AgoraCartPro, AgoracgiPro, Agora.cgi, Agora, and Agoracgi names and software package are copyright 1999-2003 K-Factor Technologies, Inc. at

This is AgoraCart 4.0K-4b Standard and is distributed according to the GNU General Public License Version 2. Basically, you use this software at your own risk. It is offered without support or warranty of any kind. Click here to view the license.

Agora.cgi is open source freeware and is distributed without support. does maintain a Pro Member Area and Mailing List, it is only a $59.95 for Lifetime or $29.95 per year. We rely heavily on the AgoraCart/Agora.cgi community to support itself. If you find this product useful to you, we hope that you will subscribe to the the list and perhaps even help someone else on the Mailing List. Thanks! "

Will this show up on the customers page as well, or only on my computer?

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cool flash and graphics.
i suggest you do a little learning on how to customize the header, footer and add the head tag and body tag stuff to the dynamic pages. it isn't difficult. if you could snag some of the graphics out of the flash then you can do simple tables and add a left nav and footer information. would make your store look a thousand times better.
so you want to use the simple header editor or customize?
the simple header editor will be added to your protected folder then you access through your store manager. it will be a link in there and show up just like the other editor screen when clicked. when you make changes they are made to your store files. everyone will see the same thing.

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Post confused 
I am so confused. I know nothing about cgi scripts. I am strictly html and flash. How would you like a job to set this up for me, make some money just where its configured and I can add and delete items. ?

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hey you can do it. just think of the store header and footer as html in part. generally you have 3 components to to the dynamic page. the header the footer and the content area. in this case the
the header and footer encapsule the ppinc. the ppinc is a complete set of tables in itself. you could remove all data from the header and footer and the ppinc would display your products in a complete table. it would look kinda bare but technically no data is required in the header and footer.
download copies of the header and footer. take out all <form... and </form> and everthing in between. then take out all of the agorascripts. you can identify these by the following...
<!--agorascript pre
stuff in here
it resembles comments. so you take out all of itfrom the <!-- to the --> and everything inbetween. take out all three (i think there's three) but take them all out.
now you have nothing but text and html.

make a general html file with nothing in the body all the obligatory minimal tags.
just under the body tag paste in the contents of the store header. hit enter and create a new line and put in a comment...
hit enter again to create a new line then place some simple text in there...

"this is the content area where the ppinc will go and for the html files in the store the content will go after the header token."

hit enter again then create another comment...
now paste the contents of your store footer in there. make sure the </body> and </html> tags follow (are below) the footer contents.
now save it and view.
this demonstrates that the header and footer are not mysterious. they are just html and some predefined scripts that you can use or remove.

for more complicated table structures some tables and cells maybe declared and closed in the header. while others may span the content area where the ppinc goes. in other words some tables declared in the header may have to be closed in the footer. if done properly then just one line of text in the content area (for reference) will not cause the tables to collapse.
since your static page design is table simple pretty much all you have to do is create a table with a cell across the top for your logo and some text then a cell for the left nav then a cell to contain the ppinc.. then close the last cell in the footer and create one more table to span the bottom for copyright and etc.

this is over simple and should be ok. but you have to becareful about cell seperation and that because of rowspan and colspan when doing extremely simple tables. do not use rowspan and colspan attributes in your layout. nest tables (tables within tables) to avoid alignment problems. colspan and rowspan are ok for one page purposes but to address dynamic content where content can change from page to page then you need nested tables to avoid xbrowser problems and to maintain control.
you can do it. it sound really complicated but take it one step at a time and it will become clear there are no mysteries. then you can administer yourself and not have to rely on others (and expense) when changes need to be made.

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Post hmmm 
The new website im half done on is its both html and php and loads alot quicker. It should be easier to do in that. I thought you ran Agoracart from the cgi-bin/Agora folder and not inserting it into your page.

Don't forget to check out my new website
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Agora is run from your cgi-bin/Agora folder, but you setup the headers and footers of the store to look like the rest of your site. This will give a consistent flow and look to the site.
To link from outside of your store, to your store, you use the following URL:

Please remember that php and cgi(perl) don't mix, so you cannot try to employ php within the store. You can do linking to php that is outside of the cart, but agora won't run php pages.


God Bless!
Bonnie - AgoraCart Moderator

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