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This is the official FAQ and Cool Tips guide For the AgoraCart shopping Cart software

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Payment Gateway for European Store(s)
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Post Payment Gateway for European Store(s) 
Im trying to set op AgoraCart. As far as i can see it seems to be a US orientated shopping concept. Can annyone tell me if there is european payment gateway support? I would like to let the customer choose between Paypal and Pay on delivery and Pay by wire transfer (in advance of delivery) and in EURO currency. So paypal doesn't seem to be the problem, but how do i setup the other two methods. I also want the customer to have a automaticaly generated invoice that mention the 19% tax that is included. We also don't have states in my country, so it would be nice if i can drop that in the checking out section. Is it also posible to make a custom payment gateway? For instance; we have a payment system (in the netherlands) that is simmular to PayPal. It's called Way2Pay. It would be nice to have this connected. Is there, or will there be xml support in the future? So i can connect to a distributor/supplier how support this type of connection to collect data and easly convert it to usable shop data?

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I'll try to cover a few of your topics.
1) You may want to check out the Offline order form that has been tailored for UK transactions in the files area of the agora2 forum on Yahoo. It may give you a foundation to work from.
2) You can tailor the Offline order form for the "pay on delivery" and "wire transfer".
3) You can set up for Euro currency in the Store Manager>Main Store Settings
4) The 19% tax would be set up in the tax setting in Store Manager. Comments can be added to the customer email in the gateway order library. This is covered many times in the forums and message archives.
5) Custom gateways can be developed. You would need to contact Mister Ed at for pricing.
6) I don't believe there are any plans for XML in the near future. There is some devlopment of a SQL version in the works.

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Post Offline orderform 
First i had to subscribe to Yahoo before i could reach the information about offline orderform you mentioned..... But it's worth it ;) .
Great resources over there. Thank you Ralph for the tips(s). They all helps me a lot to develop my store further.

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Hi Peter,

Happy to hear the information was helpful. Good luck with your store and feel free to post any questions. Always someone in the forums who will help.

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Ralph, i'm having problems with making adjustments to the offline orderform. I'm now in state of having no idea anymore which files to replace and/or adjust. Can you please give me a hint how to do it? Is it also possible to make adjustments to a custom orderform trough the manager program?

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Hi Peter,

Store Manager is only used to do the configuration of the order forms for your store information. All edits are made to the forms themself and to the corresponding library, i.e. offline-orderform.html (/html/forms directory) (library directory). Always be sure to make backup copies before doing any editing. Check in this forum for editing information also.

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ChronoPay seems the best option for European merchant.

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But, you would still need to use the Offline gateway in the store as ChronoPay is not a supported gateway.


God Bless!
Bonnie - AgoraCart Moderator

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