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This is the official FAQ and Cool Tips guide For the AgoraCart shopping Cart software

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Easy Instal of Agoracart on a Cpanel Host - Revised 11/2003
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Post Easy Instal of Agoracart on a Cpanel Host - Revised 11/2003 

Revised: 11/08/2003
Edited for iPowerweb and other Cpanel hosts by Ralph Allison (milehightrader) - Pro Member
This file is based on information sent to me by Mr. Ed at Agoracart when I was starting out and originated as a Cool Tip posted on by Mark Glover at - a Pro Member

An advantage of this method is it doesn't alter the perms settings (CHMOD), so the store is ready immediatly after being installed. This is not the only way to go about this. If you have another way that works better for you use it. If you are someone who has a what you think is a better way, write it up and have it posted on the Agoracart site.
SPECIAL NOTE: iPowerweb users
If you are on the old servers at iPowerweb and you haven't changed the location of the default store directory, your store files will be in the public_html/acart

If you are on the new servers at iPowerweb and you haven't changed the location of the default store directory, your store files will be in the web/ecommerce/ac. You need to call iPowerweb Support and have them move your cart to the cgi-bin with the path:
public_html/cgi-bin/store/agora.cgi Tell them you need to use SSL for your store. The link to your store will then be:
NOTE: If you already have a cart on iPowerweb it will be in public_html/acart, so you can safely install another
cart as it will install in public_html/store. If you are doing the install on another host be aware of what
directory name your host uses so you don't overwrite an existing cart.

1. Go to the Downloads on http://www, Download the latest version file agoracgi.tgz to your hard drive.
Pro members can also download from

2. Access your control panel on your server
NOTE: You may also use FTP to upload the agoracgi.tgz file to the public_html directory, then log into Cpanel,
then File Manager, then go to the public_html directory. Be sure you upload it in ASCII and not Binary
mode. Jump to step 6 below and do the install

3. Open (click) file manager icon

4. Open public_html - you have to click the folder icon for access to these. The line under File Manager should look like this / public_html / (current folder)

5. Once in the /public_html / click upload files, then upload the agoracgi.tgz file you downloaded to your hard drive

6. Click on the new file created - agoracgi.tgz

7. On the upper right of the file manager select Extract File Contents..

A new window will open and show you the files extracted. Your new cart is installed in:

8) If there was an original cart installed by iPowerweb use the File Manager in Cpanel and delete the directory /public_html/acart then rename the /public_html/store to /public_html/acart This will allow you to access your cart through Cpanel. If you prefer to access your store only through your browser you can skip this step and modify the Manager location link below to your needs.
NOTE: If the new install is an upgrade it is recommended the original install be maintained until the new one is set up and thoroughly tested. This is especially critical for a live cart. Once everything is known to be in order the old cart can be deleted and and the new one renamed.

9) Access your new cart and modify, edit as needed.

After you have installed AgoraCart, the default username and password is:
username: manager
password: admin
Make sure to change your passwords immmediately. In 4.0K and above, click on the program settings link at the top, then click on the password manager link.

If you performed step 8 above substitute acart for store in the following links. Remember to replace 'your_domain' with your actual domain name.
New cart location

Manager location


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good tip.

I'll make it a sticky. Ralph, you should ask ME about becoming a Moderator since you help out a lot with the project.


Agora ... best cart I've found!

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